Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

The jury's out on a white Christmas for Bursledon, almost all of the snow from last week has gone, but with a cool and strong northerly blowing who knows.

Whatever the weather, I'd like to wish everyone a great Christmas and say thanks for visiting my little part of the world. Going by the number of hits there are either a lot of you out there or quite a few who come around on a regular basis, so thank you. A special thanks to everyone who has left comments or emailed me. And last but in no way least thanks to my fellow bloggers for taking the time to put up so much interesting stuff.

By way of a Christmas Special and from a fellow blogger, have a look at this from the East Coast Gaffers - Brilliant and I understand thanks to Dylan Winter for the abuse of some of his excellent footage and to Leafy who's blog I must read more often.

Merry Christmas - Max


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