Sunday 29 November 2009

Winter Weekend

The weather turned cold for the weekend, well at least cold for this unusually mild part of the south coast of England. The early morning blue skies and fresh breeze, which had almost tempted me to go for a sail, were quickly replaced by low grey clouds and still air, with the prospect of rain to come.

Down at Shore Road work has begun demolishing the old boat sheds, but the dinghy park and public hard in the foreground, have been spared from this development of marina flats and houses.

Sadly the development will put an end to boat building on the site, the sheds to the left of this picture will be coming down next.

Further down in the pool at Bursledon, the boats are laid up and have their winter covers on.

On a cold and wet winter's afternoon, there's not much better than a brisk walk for some fresh air and then retire to the Jolly Sailor.

And watch the boats in comfort with a roaring fire and a pint of "Pickled Partridge" - apologies to any non English readers who don't understand our taste for warm beer!


  1. Come on - our beer isn't 'warm', it is served at cellar temperature. It is perfectly acceptably cool. Only American beer has to be drunk at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, for the very good reason that it blitzes the taste buds and prevents you from realising how unspeakably foul it is.

  2. Chris, you are too kind! Here on the northwest coast of the US there has been a revolution in beer making in the last twenty years and now you can find a well developed ale or stout in almost any pub. Old habits die hard, however and these fine hand crafted beers are indeed stored too cool. Best to order two pints and let one mellow... For some unknown reason, the (foul) mass produced lagers still enjoy tremendous popularity. Here in my home port there is the Rogue Brewery, which we will visit, should any of you fellows come for a holiday.

  3. Now you're talking. I was, as usual, generalising and experience of a few Pacific NW microbreweries shows that Americans can brew delicious beers when they want. And microbrewery owners are such tremendous hosts as well.

  4. Chris has forgotten about Guiness ICE or the other extreme cold lager’s the UK brewing industry offer up!!

    I'm not especially against cold beer, indeed recently in the Mediterranean sun, a cold glass of French beer blond was very welcome.
    But at home, in the winter, several pints of “Thirsty Ferrit”,“Reg’s Tipple”, “Doom Bar” “Timothy Taylor’s” “Proper Job” or “Old Blaggers Bowel Basher – with some rusty chain in the bottom of the glass for extra flavour” and of course the afore mentioned “Pickled Partridge” needs to be drunk just slightly below room temperature!!

    The Rouge Brewery sounds like my kind of place!!


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