Saturday 26 September 2009

Dylan's up the creek!!

Pyfleet Creek and St Osyth Creek specifically!!

Good news if you've been following Dylan Winter's circumnavigation around Britain -"Keep Turning Left" in an elderly Mirror Offshore, he's posted three new video's numbers 40 to 42.

Dylan and the "Sea Slug" are still on the east coast, exploring the muddy Essex rivers and creeks around Brightlingsea, including what he claims as his favourite anchorage Pyfleet Creek.

Now I know that those meandering rivers are a great place to sail, but for someone who's trying to sail all around the UK, Dylan's been stuck on the east coast for quite a while now; getting around the UK could take several years at this rate. I know he claims it to be the slowest circumnavigation of the British Isles, but he might make better progress with one of those motorboats, which he dislikes so much (only kidding Dylan!!).

There are also some great small clips, like the Bolger Spartina and the Orwell Corinthian (which means he must have got as far as the Deben), but my favourite episode is the sailing interview with sail maker James Lawrence on board his West Mersea Winkel Brig -Native.

I also like the Beach Hut boat below, I've been on a few boats that sail like a shed, but this one must take the prize.

Apologies for the corny title, couldn't resist!

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