Monday 31 August 2009

Bursledon Regatta

Bursledon regatta got off to a good start with a big turn out for the dinghy racing on Saturday morning. A lot of the entrants had come up river from both Hamble Sailing Club and Warsash Sailing club. The race runs from the start at Lands End Hard, down river to Warsash and then back up to finish off the Jolly Sailor in Bursledon pool.

It's a great race for kids, here on the final stretch I'm being overhauled by this 9 year old and her dad in a mirror dinghy.

The theme for this year's regatta was Pirates of the Caribbean, and up at the Elephant Boatyard, the preparations included an island backdrop and pirate tavern.

A goodly contingent of local pirates also turned out to watch the afternoon fun!

The Solent Old Gaffers Association were celebrating their 50th anniversary of the first race which also ran from the Elephant boatyard, these lovely old craft, several around 100 years old made a spectacular sight, along with other classic local boats.

A pirate event, wouldn't be complete without a pirate ship and of course there were several, this fine example is a replica of a 17th century ship of the line, with fully detailed and complete working sail.
Here she gets a tow to a safe anchorage by Bursledon's famous desert island.
Once all the sensible sailing and rowing races were out of the way, the local pirate fleet took centre stage with a mock battle, the rib mounted water cannon definitely out gunned the normal water pistols and plastic cutlasses!


  1. It's a great activity, I've been practicing to do the same race but, I don't have a boat yet, because I'm a poor guy ($2 per week), so I'm practicing in my tub, you know, all is about imagination and passion to do it. My tub is like a boat, so I've been dreaming too. 23jj


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