Tuesday 21 April 2009

100 Years Old

It seems incredible that only a few weeks ago hail stones were falling so hard they were piling up in the cockpit as I passed this magnificent yacht, just arrived in the river. We exchanged a brief wave, both intent on getting to where we were going and getting out of the horrid weather.

Now hauled out in a local boatyard, I managed to catch up with the owner at the weekend, in the warm spring sunshine and find out a bit more about this impressive boat.

At first glance she looks like a working boat, indeed the bows and forefoot have the look of a Quay Punt. I understand the boat was built in Falmouth in 1909 by a builder of Quay Punts , however the counter stern marks her as a yacht, which was confirmed by the owner.

She's ashore celebrating her 100th year awaiting a new engine (the old one is hidden under the tarp by the rudder). While the engine is out, the bilges will be cleaned and painted.

Please excuse the sepia tint photos, I know it's corny, but seemed somehow appropriate.


  1. The sepia seems right, ok. Would like more from the owner and ? interior shots ? She's a beauty and I've been digging into British workboats, can't say why my appetite is so large.


  2. BW and sepia - classic format for classic boats!


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